I’m a police officer, and i was experiencing numbness into my legs. Not a good thing to have in my job. Wel Dr. John fixed me up perfect!!! No pain, no numbness.
– Jeremy B.

I literally couldn’t walk into the office. Dr. John helped carry me in. After a very friendly and informative exam, Dr. John explained that i had an L5/ S1 disc bulge. He explained thoroughly what was happening and how long it would take to heal. The numbness went away first, then the pain. It took several weeks but i was patient and Dr. John kept assuring me we were on the right track. I got 100% improvement and have remained better. I see Dr. John still about once a month to keep my body in alignment and stay fixed.Thank you Dr. John, you saved me!!
– Ray B.

Dr. John has really helped me to be able to walk again!!
– Gina B.

If any of you out there are having back troubles, or body pain of any kind. Go see John Bamban at Advanced Chiropractic in D’Iberville. I’ve been battling this problem for years, and after only 2 visits, I’m finally starting to feel like a normal person again. His rates are the best that I’ve come across, and he’s damn good at what he does!!! Thanks, John!
– Chris F.

After two lumbar surgeries over the years, i was starting to get weakness in my legs. Dr. John told me that he thought he could get relief and improve my situation. I haven’t felt this good in years after a few weeks of seeing the Chiropractor. No weakness, and i can work all day with no problems!
– Tony B.

I’ve had two injections in my neck over the past couple of years and was starting to develop shoulder and hand problems. Dr. John told me that the shoulder and hand issue was directly related to my lost curve and degeneration in my neck. He started adjusting me and doing exercises to fix my curve. After several weeks, I’ve gotten some of my curve back and most importantly, no neck pain, shoulder pain, or hand pain. Thanks Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness!!
– Trish H.

I had severe pain in my neck. I could barely look up. Dr. John started his treatments with me and after a few weeks, my pain was all but gone and i could look in all directions easily!
– Sam H.

Dr. John was great in helping me get through a low back bulging disc issue. I came to him after seeing another local chiropractor and not getting much improvement. Dr. John thoroughly explained what was happening with my low back and what it would take to get me better. I understood what i should and should not do during my healing, which sped up my recovery time.
– Jeremy T.

I had been suffering from severe neck pain and was starting to get numbness down my right arm. Dr. John told me I had a lower neck disc problem. He started taking care of me and after 10 or so visits the pain and numbness was completely gone and i felt 100% better. Thank you very much!!
– Phillip C.

I was suffering from pain and numbness going down both legs and neck pain. After thinking that I would just have to live with it due to my age, I went to see Dr. John. It took a while but eventually all the numbness and pain I was feeling disappeared. Dr. John explained that even small improvements were still improvements and that is what kept me on his sheduled plan, and I’m glad I did.
– Doug L.

After years of suffering from migraines, a friend told me to see Dr. John. Dr. John showed me how my neck had gotten straight and lost a normal curve which was contributing to my migraines. It took a while, but we improved the curve in my neck a lot. Now i rarely have a migraine. I went from a migraine 3-4 times a week to maybe one a month. Such a huge improvement in my life.
– Stacy M.